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25 September


Posted by in Spoke News on September 25, 2014

If The Blessing Basket Project had a hoard of obnoxious groupies, they’d have to get in line behind us. We’ve done multiple projects for them over the years (you try to say no to their founder Theresa…let us know how that goes).

The Blessing Basket Project is the brainchild of Theresa Carrington. They pay Prosperity Wages® to artisans in Bangladesh, Madagascar, Uganda and Ghana for their beautiful baskets and hand-woven crafts. These wages are about 250% higher than ‘fair trade’ wages, enabling artisans to work their way out of poverty, and become independent entrepreneurs by starting a more sustainable and profitable business – no longer living hand-to-mouth.

The Blessing Basket Project has used their funds to dig wells, build schools, and truly break the cycle of poverty wherever they work.

DawaDawa is The Blessing Basket Project’s latest effort to change the world by extending their sales channel. This innovative program allows schools to sell their products like they would ‘traditional’ fundraisers (Wrapping paper? Coupon books you’ll never use? Really?), while providing teachers and students access to curriculum that is consistent with the Common Core guidelines.