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9 June

Guide Your Customers Through the Buyer’s Journey

Posted by in Marketing on June 9, 2016

There’s knowing who your customer is, and then there’s knowing your customer (hint: the second one is better). Unless you’re selling snow cones on a scorching day (and can control the weather), you’ll get better results from both inbound and outbound marketing by understanding your different customers: what makes them tick, what drives their behavior, what thoughts go through their buying decision-making process, what are their fears?

Once you understand them, you can guide them through their buyer’s journey from awareness to consideration and finally – decision.

We encourage you to dig deeper by reading our blogs on building personas and the buyer’s journey.

Everybody needs something (whether they’re aware of it, or not). We think you need some fun. Download this month’s infographic on Personas and The Buyer’s Journey and enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole.