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You know that saying… ‘if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all?’ Well, that was pretty much true with Technology Transfer Departments at research universities across the US. For the most part, they’re copy heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to navigate.

KUIC serves several unique target audiences, each with their own different set of needs.

After conducting stakeholder interviews and a User Experience study, Spoke delivered a clean, elegant website that empowers visitors to find what they’re looking for – intuitively and quickly.

Behind the scenes, the site is linked with university databases, workflow systems and custom software applications that enable the KUIC staff to work with greater efficiency, delivering a superior outcome for all parties.

We’ve continued to work with KUIC to increase awareness among key stakeholders through blogs, social media, whitepapers and an annual report.

So far, we’re getting a solid ‘A’.

  • High Impact

  • Website