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30 August

Sprockets Wrap Up

Posted by in Spoke News on August 30, 2014

As summer’s closing (along with our sixth year of the Sprockets program), we thought it would be fun to tell you what (kickass, pro bono) work our interns have been doing for non-profits and start-ups.

For the uninitiated, Sprockets is our program where we hire (and yes, pay) interns to do work for start-ups and non-profits that could benefit from marketing help, but don’t necessarily (read: ever) have a marketing budget.

We’ve found that it’s been a great way to give back to the community, and give interns real-world experience that they can use to build their portfolio. Over the years, we’ve given interns a great experience and donated well north of $250,000 worth of work – helping start-ups grow (creating jobs) and non-profits further their mission to better our community.