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10 October


Posted by in Spoke News on October 10, 2014

Arch Grants Winner CoMo Medical wanted to rebrand…and we weren’t about to stop them.

Their product is a new foam-based antisepsis that disinfects skin prior to surgery with a fraction of the effort of Betadine® (the current gold standard of care). Their name is based on the winged sandals of Hermes (you know, the winged Greek dude) that were called Talaria. They added the ‘ant’ because it is the same suffix of disinfectant. The logo and tagline leverage Hermes’ wings, and the font was chosen to reinforce the cutting edge, clean, precise and modern image they need to portray in order to succeed in the medical field. The simple tagline speaks directly to the benefit of the brand; efficacy in the operating room means that staff can be more productive, without sacrificing safety.

We’re currently working on their investor presentation (which looks great, trust us). These guys will be a big market disrupter…you heard it here first.