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11 November

We’ve Got More Spokes in the Wheel.

Posted by in Spoke News on November 11, 2015

For years, we’ve been thinking, “how could we make Spoke better?” We’ve tried everything, Ouija boards, Tarot cards, sage smudging, and hired a shaman (who turned out to be just a college kid selling CutCo knives). The answer turned out to be pretty simple. Hire a half-dozen like-minded strategic, creative thinkers and make the best-looking one a partner (Steve Slais). FYI, he smells good, too.

This isn’t just a 1+1=2 deal. The team we hired doesn’t just share our values, work ethic, and culture. They truly compliment our services.

Steve and his team have been working together for twenty years and bring new skill sets, new ideas, and new approaches that don’t just make us bigger. They make us better. This team spun out of Kupper Parker years ago and have vast experience in consumer packaged goods, packaging, print production, manufacturing, research (qualitative and quantitative), media buying, and broadcast production.

They think strategically, design beautifully, and are fiercely committed to doing the best thing for their clients with a laser-focus on providing a strong return on clients’ investment.

All of this means we’ll be able to take even better care of our clients, which is why we go to work each day.

To learn more about our new team members, check out their bios at

As if we needed a reason to throw one, we’ll be hosting our next Spoke Friday on December 4th for a ‘More Spokes on the Wheel” Spoke Friday from 4 pm – ?.